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Curtains - April 2024


Boston, 1959. At the Colonial Theatre, the cast of Robbin’ Hood takes their bows on opening night. Just as the curtain falls, so does Jessica Cranshaw, the profoundly untalented leading lady of the production. Enter Lieutenant Frank Cioffi, a fast-talking cop with a love for musical theatre. He quarantines the cast and crew inside the theatre while he searches for clues. But Cioffi doesn’t just investigate the murder--he also offers advice and insight into improving Robbin’ Hood. The musical will open again in 24 hours with a new leading lady, so the clock is ticking to find the killer and put on a killer show. Who could it be? Carmen Bernstein, the sassy and brassy producer? Christopher Belling, the campy and egotistical director? Georgia Hendricks, the lyricist who replaces Jessica onstage? Niki Harris, the ingenue with a secret? Everyone is a suspect, and only Cioffi can make sense of the evidence. 


Curtains is a musical-theatre parody of whodunnit classics, with numbers ranging from the classic musical theatre song-and-dance “A Tough Act to Follow” to the heartfelt “I Miss the Music.” A comedic send-up suitable for all ages, Curtains will have the audience laughing until the last curtain falls.

Thursday 25th - Sunday 28th April 2024
Lovegrove Theatre, Redbridge Drama Centre
Cast & Creatives

Lieutenant Frank Cioffi | Matthew Burcommbe

Niki Harris | Emmeline Cosgrove

Georgia Hendricks | Tami Stone

Carmen Bernstein | Chris Grove

Aaron Fox | Russell Gillary

Christopher Belling | Jeremy Smith

Bambi Bernét | Coral Ironside

Little John | John Quarm

Big John | Zac Pilgrim

Olivia Shapiro | Zoe Pilgrim

Bobby Pepper | Billy Fyfe

Jessica Cranshaw | Jo Shore

Brandy Dexter | Amanda Howarth

Sidney Bernstein | Phil Clarke

Arlene Barruca | Anabel Smith

Roberta Wooster | Karen Daugurda

Connie Subbotin | Fay Clark

Mona Page | Berni Conway

Daryl Grady | Peter Heaney


Director | Rikki Stone

Musical Director | Mark Smith

Choreographer | Lorraine Porter

Set | The Redbridge Drama Centre

Lighting and Sound Design Design | Stephen Barrows

Lighting Operator | Daisy White

Costume | Diana Fairbairn-Smith, James Watson & The Christian Drama Resource Centre

Props | Mo Jones

Marketing | Dylan Lee & James Watson

Production Photography | Helen Gillary

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