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NODA London

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IODS Productions are proud to be affiliated to NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association), which offers professional support to amateur companies such as ours. Over the years, IODS have been fortunate to win several NODA London Awards. To find out more about NODA London, click here.

Here are a selection of our NODA London Awards (starting with the most recent):

  1. 2023 Regional Winner of The Joe Putnam Award for Best Musical in the London Region for RENT (2022)

  2. District 6 Winners of The NODA Innovation Award (for the use of smell in our production of RENT).

  3. The Ken Wirdnam Award for Best Male in a Musical for London District 6 (Awarded to Joe Bence for his portrayal as Joe Casey in OUR HOUSE, March 2020 - runner up)

  4. The Joe Putnam Award for Best Musical for London District 6  - OUR HOUSE (March 2020 - runner up)

  5. Flame Award for our Programme of work 2019 - 2020.
    "For a superbly constructed and emotional Centenary Celebration event, with all ages represented and returning performers, produced between two shows, A Little Shop of Horrors and Our House - the latter of which came after the threatened closure of their venue – both of which showcased their theatricality, attention to detail and committed company work. For bouncing back from the sadness and uncertainty of that possible closure with such a super show as Our House, shows the strength of purpose and determination of their committee to producing superior musical theatre. A Flame richly deserved by this talented and most entertaining Society."

  6. Best chorus work for ANYTHING GOES (November 2015)

  7. Best female performance in a musical:  Charlotte Wilson as Reno in ANYTHING GOES (November 2015)

  8. Best comedy performance in a musical:  Richard Sheepwash as Lord Evelyn Oakleigh in ANYTHING GOES (November 2015) (runner up)

  9. Best musical in the London area: ANYTHING GOES (November 2015) (winners!!)

  10. The Flame Award (pictured) IODS was chosen as the society in Area 6 to receive the award in 2015 for a programme of three excellent shows including IODS Youth (WEST SIDE STORY) each of which was worthy of recognition, especially ANYTHING GOES.  Our other 2015 production was HAIRSPRAY.


The Joe Putnam Award for Best Musical in the London Area for RENT - Regional Winners!


The Cast of RENT - The Joe Putnam Award for Best Musical in the London Area - Regional Winners!


The cast of ANYTHING GOES, November 2015


Flame Award for ANYTHING GOES, November 2015


Joe Bence as Joe Casey in OUR HOUSE, March 2020 (Recipient of the Best Male in a Musical Award for London District 6 - Runner Up )

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