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Rehearsals are held twice a week, from 7.45pm - 10.00pm on Mondays and Thursdays at Goodmayes Methodist Church, Percy Road, Goodmayes. We also rehearse on some Sundays in the lead-up to a show.













New Members’ Auditions
We hold new members' auditions on a rehearsal night (Monday or Thursday) usually immediately following a Production to enable new Members to join right at the start of rehearsals.  However you are welcome to apply to join at any time.  Potential new Members will be asked to perform a song in front of a small committee.  The song should be of your own choice and something to suit your voice.  We have an accompanist available.  Anyone wishing to join as a dancer will still be required to sing but should also prepare a short dance routine.

Annual Subscriptions
IODS Annual Subscription run from January 1st - December 31st, as set by the Annual General Meeting held in January.  

The subs are currently:-
£30-00 per year for Active Members (age 24+):  plus a £50-00 Show Participation Fee (for the first two shows in any Season)
£30-00 per year for Youth Members (aged 14 – 23): plus  a £30-00 Show Participation Fee.


Traditionally, we have performed up to three Musical Theatre shows a year (March, June and November) at he Kenneth More Theatre in Ilford.


Since 2022, we have begun performing Musicals and Plays at The Redbridge Drama Centre in South Woodford. We aim to stage two Musicals (April and November) and one Play (June / July) each year. Each show has its own Show Participation Fee (which you can see above in the Annual Subscriptions section). 



If you have any further questions, would like to audition, or even attend a rehearsal to see us in  action, then please get in touch.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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